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Welcome to the website of <F E T I S H>

Until someone feels more inspired, here is a quick blurb explaining who we are, what we're about and who we're looking for:

As I, and many of our members believe, it is important for a guild to have a focus. Fetish is not (and will not be) a HARDCORE raiding guild, nor are we (or will ever be) a casual guild. Fetish is focused on becoming a successful raiding guild. What does this mean? Basically we are looking for moderately skilled / geared players who are willing to learn, listen and work towards raiding. Here is what we are looking for in recruits:

Be willing to follow guild policies:

Be willing to install any required mods or voice chat applications (Ventrilo).

Take the initiative in bettering your character:

As a newly formed guild, we don't expect you to be an uber-geared T6 player. We are recruiting level 70 players from all classes (subject to change) that have a good grasp of their class and are moderately geared (able to competently run Heroics). You should be willing to read the WoW class forums / Elitist Jerks forums / Wowcrafter / "Whatever random site for pwnage research" to better your play style as things change.

Be willing to accept direction / instruction:

Neither I, nor any of the other leaders within Fetish, are dictators by any means, but we have little tolerance for people who aren't willing to accept leadership / direction / criticism when they need it. The most important part of successful raiding is people who can coordinate and execute a plan.

Have a sick sense of humor:

Or at least be willing to tolerate a good amount of it. We are an adult guild and will be talking about adult things. If you are easily offended or have a weak stomach then Fetish is not for you.

… and most importantly …

Want to raid:

Fetish, at its core, is a raiding guild. There will not be required raid attendance but it is expected that you have an interest in raiding and attending raids when you can. As a simple rule, this means that PVPing / playing alts / whatever is a secondary priority.

If you meet this criteria and want to become part of a successful guild then here is what to do:

  • Register and go to the forums
  • Fill out an application
  • Send me a tell / mail in game
  • We'll have a quick conversation
  • Be ready to run a heroic as an interview

Thanks much,


Other Guild News

A Progress Update for Fetish

Mr00000, Nov 3, 08 3:41 PM.
Its been a while since I've put one of these up, so it is a great time for us to review our latest progress:

5/5 in Tempest Keep: The Eye
3/5 in Mount Hyjal

Our resist gear is done for SSC so soon we'll be clearing that place.

I'm planning, before the expansion, to have a stab at BT as well.

Oh, and what good is a posting without a screenshot? Here's our first Kael'thas kill from last night. Great work guys and thanks for sticking it out.

A Week of Progress for Fetish

Mr00000, Oct 3, 08 9:42 PM.
This week has been a great one. Magtheridon down, Gruul down and all of ZA now cleared. Great work everyone. This is just a sign up the great things to come.



Mr00000, Sep 10, 08 11:14 PM.
Once again, an awesome sign of our progress and the progress to come. Here are some screenshots - I was a nub and didn't get an SS on the eagle boss.

Fetish downs Nalorakk

Mr00000, Sep 8, 08 12:18 AM.

Fetish's First Kara Run = Full Clear in 4h20m

Mr00000, Sep 7, 08 1:31 PM.
Amazing job last night guys. Most of us have been in there before, but with a few new people, we came together, coordinated and executed flawlessly.

Heres some screenshots of the biggies:

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